Grants and Funding for Historical Roof Restoration in Missouri

Grants and Funding for Historical Roof Restoration in Missouri

Restoring the roof of a historical building is a crucial task that helps preserve its architectural integrity and cultural significance. However, such projects can be costly. Fortunately, there are several available grants and types of funding for historical roof restoration in Missouri. This guide will help you understand the available resources and how to secure financial support for your restoration project.

Understanding the Importance of Historical Roof Restoration

Historical buildings are vital links to our past, showcasing unique architectural styles and construction techniques. Restoring their roofs helps protect these structures from further deterioration and preserves their historical value for future generations.


Available Grants and Funding Options

State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) Grants

The Missouri State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) offers grants to support the preservation of historical properties. These grants can be used for various restoration projects, including roof repairs.

Visit the Missouri SHPO website to learn about the available grants and application process. Ensure your project meets the eligibility criteria and submit a detailed application outlining the scope and significance of the restoration work.

National Trust Preservation Funds

The National Trust for Historic Preservation offers several grant programs to support the restoration of historical buildings across the United States, including Missouri. These funds can be used for roof restoration projects that preserve the historical character of the building.

Explore the National Trust for Historic Preservation website for information on available grants and how to apply. Prepare a comprehensive application that highlights the historical importance of your building and the impact of the restoration project.

Certified Local Government (CLG) Program

The Certified Local Government (CLG) program provides funding to local governments in Missouri to support historic preservation activities. If your property is located within a CLG, you may be eligible for grants to assist with roof restoration.

Check with your local government to see if they participate in the CLG program and inquire about available funding for historical restoration projects. Collaborate with local preservationists to develop a strong grant application.

Missouri Heritage Properties Program

The Missouri Heritage Properties Program provides grants for the preservation of historical properties owned by non-profit organizations, local governments, and other entities. Roof restoration is among the eligible projects.

Visit the Missouri Heritage Properties Program website for details on eligibility and the application process. Ensure your application clearly demonstrates the need for roof restoration and its benefits for historical preservation.


Tips for Securing Grants and Funding

Conduct Thorough Research

Identify all potential grants and funding sources available for historical roof restoration in Missouri. Research their specific requirements, deadlines, and application processes.

Prepare a Comprehensive Application

A strong grant application includes a detailed description of the restoration project, its historical significance, and the expected outcomes. Include photographs, architectural plans, and letters of support from preservation experts.

Collaborate with Preservation Experts

Work with historical preservationists, architects, and contractors experienced in historical restoration to strengthen your application. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and credibility to your project proposal.

Demonstrate Community Support

Highlight the community’s support for your restoration project. This can include letters from local historical societies, neighborhood associations, and other stakeholders who recognize the importance of preserving the historical building.


When to Call a Professional

If the process of securing grants and funding for historical roof restoration seems overwhelming, consider hiring a grant writer or consultant specializing in historical preservation projects. They can help you navigate the application process and increase your chances of success. One Way Roofing provides comprehensive roof and siding repair services to ensure your home is adequately protected.



What types of projects are eligible for historical preservation grants?

Historical preservation grants can be used for various projects, including roof restoration, structural repairs, and exterior improvements that maintain the historical character of the building.

How do I find out if my property is eligible for historical preservation grants?

Check with local, state, and national preservation organizations to determine if your property qualifies for historical preservation grants. They can provide information on eligibility criteria and application processes.

Can I apply for multiple grants for the same project?

Yes, you can apply for multiple grants to fund the same project. Ensure that you meet the requirements of each grant program and clearly outline how the funds will be used.

How long does the grant application process take?

The grant application process can vary depending on the funding source. It can take several months from the application submission to receiving funding. Plan accordingly and start the application process early.

What if my grant application is denied?

If your grant application is denied, request feedback from the granting organization to understand why. Use this information to improve future applications or explore other funding options.


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