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As you may have heard us say plenty of times, your roof is by far one of your most important aspects to your home– so we will continue to educate you on how to take care of it. No one likes spending money and that’s a great reason to take good care of your roof. You don’t want to pay for extra damage in the long run. That being said, we would like to bring up a new subject that you Roofermay have thought about yourself. Can you repair your own roof? We highly advise you not to and here’s why!

We’ll start out by mentioning that roofing is intense, hot and hard work. But more important than the hard labor, you might even damage your roof further. If you don’t know what you’re doing, just walking on your roof can cause damage to shingles or tiles. If you don’t take things like proper ventilation into consideration, you can cause your roof to start leaking. When your roof doesn’t have the right ventilation, this cause your attic to draw in moisture.

DangerAlso, how do you know if your roof doesn’t have more extensive damage than you think? Did you know that by the time you actually notice the leaking on your ceiling, the damage could be far worse than you think. If this isn’t fixed the right way, you could end up having to pay a roofer down the road for way more than you would have if you would’ve brought the smaller leak to their attention.

Our roofers wear special equipment while they work to ensure their safety. If you are repairing your roof without this safety gear, then you are in danger. This could raise the price that you originally intended to pay as well. We know that you don’t have any intentions of attending the ER anytime in the near future over a roof repair.

Our point is, if you try to repair your roof yourself then it can most definitely cause more damage and is hazardous. If you need your roof repaired then give an experienced roofing company a call and ask for an estimate. Here at ONEWAY, they’re free for your convenience!


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Your roof is one of the most important pieces of your home and damages to it can cause everything under it to suffer. We would like to help you maintain its foundation and durability by introducing you to a process called Roof Coating!


In Florida, your roof takes on a ton because of the harsh sunlight and almost constant rain. The sunlight exposure causes your roof to become oxidized and results in chemical breakdown which weakens the roof. Rain and moisture can also cause corrosion over time.109705b

Roof Coating can be done at anytime and can transform an old roof into a newer looking roof for a smaller cost. With the cost being reasonable for this application, the cost for your electric bill in the summer will reduce itself as well. The coating is designed to allow your roof to reflect more of the harmful rays rather than absorbing the heat, causing your a/c to put out less energy. This is a second layer that will act both as ultra violet and water proof.

For your advantage, we use Roof Masters of Palm Beach for this process. Roof Masters is a Chemical Roof and Pressure Cleaning business that serves areas of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. They are the oldest Chem-Wash company in the southeast and have been in business since 1998 with 18 years of experience. Here at ONEWAY ROOFING we are dedicated to serving our customers and we would only recommend the best.


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In South Florida, concrete tile roofs are extremely common, and in some areas such as Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Wellington, tile roofs dominate the landscape. When a client calls our office with a tile roof leak, one of the first questions I like to ask is how long has the leak been noticeable from the inside of the home. The most common response is “I’m not sure, I just noticed it”.

south florida tile roof repairThis makes a lot of sense, since most people don’t walk around their home, staring at the ceiling. Typically, when water has entered the attic in sufficient quantity to soak through insulation and drywall, more significant damage has already occurred to the roof structure. This photo shows the level of plywood and truss rot in an attic we recently repaired. The roof leak seemed small because, from inside the living room, the area of drywall that visibly showed water damage was less than one square foot.

Although nearly every repair we perform on a tile roof show evidence inside the home, there is very rarely any sign of tile damage on top of the roof. This is because the concrete tile is not actually performing the role of a water barrier. On a tile roof, what truly protects the home from water is the underlayment.

south florida roof repair tileThe proper way to repair a tile roof leak such as the one pictured is to remove the tile over the leak and the areas surrounding it. Then, we remove the damaged underlayment to expose the damaged wood below. After cutting out and replacing the damaged wood, new underlayment is installed, using the best materials possible to ensure that the repair outlasts the rest of the roofing system. This is the more costly way to make repairs, but it’s the right way.

Frequently, homeowners will get low bids from a roofer, who plans to remove the tile and apply some roofing cement over the damaged underlayment and replace the tiles. I like to call this approach the band aid approach to repairs. What happens when you stick a band aid on a severe cut? It usually holds back the flow for a few minutes until it gets wet and falls off…

When it comes to a leaking tile roof, be sure to hire an expert that will perform the work the right way, from the beginning. A cheap repair often becomes much more expensive when it doesn’t last and causes damage drywall and wood damage that must be repaired a second time when your roof leaks again.

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