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Summer FamilyWelcome to summer—Time for fun in the sun!!! We love it too, but it does have its downsides. Here in Florida, summer is also our rainy season. With all of the rain heading our way, inspecting your home to prevent damage is a must! It’s not just the moisture we’re worried about. Yes you guessed it… It’s also time for those pesky insects to start making their way into our homes. Here are some easy things to check off your list to ensure that your home is summer ready!

1. Inspect wood structures– Be sure to inspect all wooden structures of your home. This includes the inside and outside of your house. Check for any rotting or damaged wood. Anything of this nature should be assessed quickly so that the damages do not worsen.

2. Check for termites– Termites can cause major damage before you even realize you have them. However,  if you are annually checking for them, then you should be able to prevent these suckers from doing any major damage. They eat wood from the inside out, so it is hard to detect them unless you know what to look for. Check your window sills for small buncheGuy Caulkings of them and look around for encrusted mud tubes or dirt in or around small holes and cracks.

3. Prepare for hurricanes– We haven’t had a real hurricane in a while, but this does not predict that we won’t experience any in the near future. Check your home’s hurricane resistant features including things like shutters and windows. Be sure to caulk and weatherstrip windows and doors. Don’t forget to trim any tree limbs that are capable of falling onto your roof.

4. Pest control– If you were worried about pests getting in, well now is the time for them to do so. Make sure you are ahead of them by spraying inside and outside. Sealing your windows and doors will also help with this issue.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful season!


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Besides the fact that a flat roof works well for many structures, it also poses some major problems. The structure is susceptible to developing leaks and cracks. Some common problems associated with flat roofs are as follows:

  • During winters, excessive snow builds up on the surface blocking gutters and drains. This causes water pools to form. This excess water needs to be removed in order to avoid damage to the internal structure of the house resulting from leaks and seepage. . If you are successful in locating the area of roof that develops water pools, take some time to pull existing rubber roofing material in order to re install the rubber shingles and flashings.
  • Sometime cracks develop on the surface of the roof due to normal weathering. The problem can be fixed easily by pulling out the surrounding sheathing and filling the cracks using high quality cement. Apply several layers and let it dry before putting the sheathing back in place.
  • If the flashings seem to be the major problem areas thaen it may be due to the fungus that develops inside and pushes away the sheathing and flashings thus causing leaks. In this case grab a high quality fungicide and spray it. Finally, purchase a flashing repair kit. The kit should provide detailed instructions about replacing problem flashing, sealing damaged areas and allowing adequate dry time.

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