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Florida’s climate is different from most states. In this season we are feeling the full effects of Florida’s hot and humid weather. One of our goals as Florida residents is to make sure that our home living is not affected by it. We would like to give you some insite on how these different roofing materials stand up to each other, while keeping our climate in mind.dreamstime_xl_7355225

Shingles are one of the most common types of roofing material. About 80% of the residential roofs here in america, are covered with them. They are inexpensive and add an attractive appearance to a home, which is a great combination. Asphalt shingles contain minerals that resist against algae and other staining. Over time these minerals can wear away but there is an option to have your roof clean by a professional. Shingles are a good fire resisting material with a moderate wind resistance. These type of roofs typically last around 15 to 20 years.

Concrete tiles are another type of roofing material that appeal to many homeowners.  They come in a wide variety of colors and can be made to resemble other tiles like clay or slate. This is great since it makes the reroofing process cheaper! These type of roofs can last around 25 to 30 years if they are taken care of properly. They generally require low maintenance but walking on a tile roof the right way is vital since the tiles havdreamstime_xl_5588002e the potential to crack. Just like shingles, tiles are also fire resistant and do great in warmer climates like ours. In colder climates the tiles are susceptible to shattering due to the freezing and thawing cycles.

Another type of material used for roofs is metal, which can be made to resemble other materials as well. Metal roofs have a good resistance to both fire and wind which contributes to their lifespan of up to 50 years! This material also does well with both low and steep roofs whereas the other types of roofing material are better for a steeper sloped roof. Another upside to using metal is that it absorbs little heat (about a third less than asphalt). This is great for keeping your cooling costs down. Metal is on the more expensive side of the spectrum compared to other roofing materials. However, with the lower maintenance, high resistance to damage, and long lifespan — the cost seems to pay off in the long run!


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In our previous blog we discussed how to prepare your roof and gutters for the spring season. Preparing the rest of your home is just as necessary and we would like to remind you of a few things to help you with the process.window sealing

In a humid area like south florida, algae and mildew frequently grow on siding. You can clean your vinyl, brick, stucco, or wood siding with mild soap and water. To do this you can use a brush and a garden hose with a spray nozzle. A pressure washer is not recommended in this do it yourself situation. Using a pressure washer can allow water to rush underneath the siding. This water then leads to walls and insulation which also causes mold growth. If you have this process professionally done, it could range anywhere from $300- $500.

In our hot state, you need your AC to work as efficiently as possible. It is important make sure that your AC compressor is free of any plant growth. Spring is a perfect time to get rid of all and anything surrounding this area.

Another important thing to do during this time is to check weather seals around windows and doors. Over time caulk can harden or crack so it is important to repair or replace them as needed. This will help keep the cost of your electric bill lower and can prevent water from leaking into your home as well.

While checking window areas you may also want to clean and repair screens. If you are trying to reduce your electric bill, this is a plus as well. By making sure these are functional, you can keep your windows open this season and use less air conditioning.

Always make sure that you keep up with your home maintenance and enjoy the wonderful season. Thank you for reading!



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Are you tired of trying to clean your roof with short term effects? Let us introduce you to a product called ‘COPPER CAT’. No more pressure washing and or using chemicals to keep your roof clean. ‘COPPER CAT’ will do the work for you!


‘COPPER CAT’ is a double-sided copper strip that uses the natural process of water interacting with copper to release ions that prevent the growth of algae, moss, mold etc. ‘COPPER CAT’ works on all types of roofs including asphalt, shingle, tile, cedar, slate etc. This product is also 20 times stronger than Zinc strips that are used for the same purpose.copper cat pic


Algae harms your roof by slowly consuming the limestone in the asphalt shingles, ultimately weakening the shingles. Algae also produces a dark pigment on your roof. As this pigment accumulates on shingles, the roof becomes less reflective and absorbs more sunlight, which is transferred into the house as heat, raising your cooling costs



Algae often thrive on asphalt shingles because one of their key ingredients is limestone. The limestone is composed primarily of calcium carbonate, which is what the algae feeds on. Paired with moisture from rain or humidity the perfect living environment for algae is created. Algae is likely only the first step of your problem. It colonizes and leads to fungus and together they form lichens. Moss then follows and eventually other vegetation can develop. None of these are covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. At that point it is past time for a new roof.


Some roofs come with a manufacturer’s warranty against algae staining. Algae resistance provisions of asphalt roof shingle warranties are very limited in coverage and scope. Shingle manufacturers provide a limited, pro-rated AR, or Algae Resistant Warranty. It does not provide any warranty protection against lichens, moss, mildew, or other vegetation which could cause premature shingle failure. Shingle manufacturer’s warranties only cover algae that is botanically described as “Blue-Green” algae or Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa Magma. No other algae types are covered.


Pressure washing is often a cleaning method that people use to remove growth from their roof. This method is not long term effective and can cause damage. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association and all shingle manufacturers recommend not pressure washing your roof. You may see a manufacturer state, “What NOT to do! Do not power wash.” Why? High pressure washing systems are likely to damage asphalt roofing. It may dislodge granules, which can then lead to premature shingle failure. It is also only a temporary solution and discoloration will likely occur again.


It is vital to keep your roof in its best condition. COPPER CAT is a long term effective product and will keep your roof beautiful for years to come.


Any ONEWAY ROOFING Customer who chooses Copper Cat to be installed during their re-roof is entitled to $250.00 off their roof replacement! Just use coupon code BLOGCAT2015 when you place your order with us.  


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