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Gutter Replacement Tips

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You probably don’t think about your gutters too often. But don’t worry! We’re here to remind you that your gutters are a very important part of your roof. Broken Gutter Here in Florida we receive heavy amounts of rainfall which washes a lot of debris into your gutters. When they aren’t working properly, this can cause structural damage to your roof. Here are some typical signs that your gutters should be replaced.


If your gutters are sagging, pulling away from the house, or moving around, they most likely aren’t doing their job. This means that the gutter is full of heavy rain water and is not draining correctly. Another sign to look for is rust. This may take a ladder to get up on the roof and take a closer look at the issue. The rust will eventually cause holes and cracks. The water will spill out before it gets to the downspout. When replacing your gutters, you can find ones that don’t rust or crack to prevent this issue in the future. Additionally, when there is water running down the side of your home, it will leave water stains, peel the paint, and even grow mold. If you see any of these signs, your gutters are most likely not doing their jobs correctly. Even the smallest of cracks or splits in your gutters need immediate attention. Because of the strong force of running water, small cracks grow into larger ones that will allow water to flow down the sides of your home.



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  • By Joel 03 Nov 2016

    Roofing is a very large expense. I can see why it would be so important to make sure you have a great roofer! It is good to check with other people, and their experiences with their roofers.


  • By Jenna Hunter 15 Dec 2016

    It was very informative to know that if my gutters aren’t working they might be full of water! I remember my grandpa getting angry and banging his gutters and seeing him set soaked! I will be sure to stand back and watch a professional take care of mine!

  • By jresquival 18 Jan 2017

    That’s good to know that if your gutters are sagging, pulling away from the house, or moving around, they most likely aren’t doing their job. You wouldn’t want broken gutters letting water through and damaging your roof. I’ll have to look for these signs in my gutters.

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