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It’s already that time of year again… Welcome to fall! Besides the joy this season brings, Fall is also an important time for roof maintenance. Here are some tips that you may findunnamed helpful in the upkeep of your roof.

  1. Clean Gutters– Gutter cleaning is a must, especially this time of year. It’s important to keep the debris cleared out of your gutters to ensure that water can flow through them properly. Water that continuously flows onto your roof can cause mold, cracking and other more extensive damage to both your gutters and the roof itself.
  2. Trim Trees– If your trees are trimmed back, less rubbish will fall onto your roof. Too many leaves and branches on your roof can cause moisture buildup which can lead to more roof related issues like mold.
  3. Gutter Guards– Gutter Guards are caps that  keep debris from getting in. They go over the gutters so that only water can enter. This option will save you a lot of time and possibly money in the long run.
  4. Assess Needed Repairs– If your gutters are cracked or loose, it is important to get these fixed to ensure that they are working properly. When the water does not flow correctly, it will run down the side of your home, eventually leaving unsightly staining.playing in leaves

Remember to always practice safety when you are performing tasks on or near your roof. Feel free to contact ONEWAY ROOFING with any questions or concerns about your roof. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful season!


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A tropical weather system may be threatening our area within the next few days. While we all hope the storm will bypass us, it is important for all of us to make appropriate preparations at this time. Remember to secure any lose objects outside your home that could be carried off by heavy winds.
Are you ready for heavy rains and harsh winds? Whether its a tropical storm or hurricane, your roof is your protector from the outside weather conditions.

Are you ready for heavy rains and harsh winds? Whether its a tropical storm or hurricane, your roof is your protector from the outside weather conditions.


Remember, your roof is the physical object that is going to protect your family and your home. It is always wise to take care of it so that it can take care of you. This is why we are always stressing to our customers about the importance of roof maintenance.

If your roof is currently leaking, then now is the time to secure a tarp or have a temporary repair done to prevent further damage. We are pausing all roof replacement jobs until after the weather clears, but we are offering temporary repairs and tarping services for Thursday through Monday. Call now for pricing and to secure your time slot on our crew’s schedule.

Call for immediate service! 

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Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Tile Repair As you may have noticed, we like to give you tips to help you look after your roof. ONEWAY ROOFING stands behind you to ensure that your roof is long lasting and durable for years to come. As a result, we’ve decided that we’d like to do more to protect you and prevent you from spending unnecessary money in the long run.

ONEWAY ROOFING now offers maintenance packages for a reasonable and up front price. Our new services include: gutter cleaning; fastening loose or hanging gutters; fixing or replacing broken tiles; installation of products like copper cat or rodent control boots; pressure washing; sealing your roof and more. We understand that you find maintaining your roof important. Sometimes it’s difficult to find time get it done or maybe you just want to warrant that it gets done correctly and effectively. Performing some of these tasks on your own can be risky. For example, if pressure washing is done incorrectly it could cause water to seep into cracks, leading to moisture build up inside your roof. There are many risks to thMaintenanceis process–another one being walking on the roof. This is not only dangerous to yourself but can also cause more unwanted damage to your roof itself. 

If you decide that you would like to look into our new services, feel free to give us a call and we’ll get all of your questions answered. Remember that estimates are always free if you need more extensive work done to your roof.

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Summer FamilyWelcome to summer—Time for fun in the sun!!! We love it too, but it does have its downsides. Here in Florida, summer is also our rainy season. With all of the rain heading our way, inspecting your home to prevent damage is a must! It’s not just the moisture we’re worried about. Yes you guessed it… It’s also time for those pesky insects to start making their way into our homes. Here are some easy things to check off your list to ensure that your home is summer ready!

1. Inspect wood structures– Be sure to inspect all wooden structures of your home. This includes the inside and outside of your house. Check for any rotting or damaged wood. Anything of this nature should be assessed quickly so that the damages do not worsen.

2. Check for termites– Termites can cause major damage before you even realize you have them. However,  if you are annually checking for them, then you should be able to prevent these suckers from doing any major damage. They eat wood from the inside out, so it is hard to detect them unless you know what to look for. Check your window sills for small buncheGuy Caulkings of them and look around for encrusted mud tubes or dirt in or around small holes and cracks.

3. Prepare for hurricanes– We haven’t had a real hurricane in a while, but this does not predict that we won’t experience any in the near future. Check your home’s hurricane resistant features including things like shutters and windows. Be sure to caulk and weatherstrip windows and doors. Don’t forget to trim any tree limbs that are capable of falling onto your roof.

4. Pest control– If you were worried about pests getting in, well now is the time for them to do so. Make sure you are ahead of them by spraying inside and outside. Sealing your windows and doors will also help with this issue.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful season!


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At ONEWAY ROOFING, our goal is to achieve peace of mind for all of our customers. Part of that mission is helping you understand the steps to maintain your roof. Roof maintenance tips aren’t always just about the simple routine inspections. Here are a couple things to watch out for during the upkeep of your roof.mike roof photo

Roof maintenance is absolutely necessary. By upkeeping your roof, you can prevent major costs down the road. When performing maintenance checks, it is important to make sure that you check for cracked, missing, loose or damaged tiles and shingles. Your gutters should also be cleaned regularly. In Florida we experience a heavy amount of rainfall. As a result, a lot of debris is trapped in this area.

Gutters are a vital part of your roof. If the issue is not assessed, the water can back up and eventually cause mold, mildew and other roof related issues. Since we do experience rainfall all year round, branches and rubbish might fall onto your roof. It is a good idea to just remove any of this to avoid things like unwanted growth and moisture.

Keeping your roof clean is another way to help your roof last longer. Pressure washing is an option but should only be done by a professional and someone who is experienced in the roofing industry. Pressure washing your roof can cause damage and even force water underneath the shingles if the process is not done properly. Some cleaning solutions can also cause damage to the roof and even run off into the grass and kill plant life! Walking on a wet roof can also be very dangerous. Remember, safety always comes first!



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Your roof is one of the most important pieces of your home and damages to it can cause everything under it to suffer. We would like to help you maintain its foundation and durability by introducing you to a process called Roof Coating!


In Florida, your roof takes on a ton because of the harsh sunlight and almost constant rain. The sunlight exposure causes your roof to become oxidized and results in chemical breakdown which weakens the roof. Rain and moisture can also cause corrosion over time.109705b

Roof Coating can be done at anytime and can transform an old roof into a newer looking roof for a smaller cost. With the cost being reasonable for this application, the cost for your electric bill in the summer will reduce itself as well. The coating is designed to allow your roof to reflect more of the harmful rays rather than absorbing the heat, causing your a/c to put out less energy. This is a second layer that will act both as ultra violet and water proof.

For your advantage, we use Roof Masters of Palm Beach for this process. Roof Masters is a Chemical Roof and Pressure Cleaning business that serves areas of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. They are the oldest Chem-Wash company in the southeast and have been in business since 1998 with 18 years of experience. Here at ONEWAY ROOFING we are dedicated to serving our customers and we would only recommend the best.


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In our previous blog we discussed how to prepare your roof and gutters for the spring season. Preparing the rest of your home is just as necessary and we would like to remind you of a few things to help you with the process.window sealing

In a humid area like south florida, algae and mildew frequently grow on siding. You can clean your vinyl, brick, stucco, or wood siding with mild soap and water. To do this you can use a brush and a garden hose with a spray nozzle. A pressure washer is not recommended in this do it yourself situation. Using a pressure washer can allow water to rush underneath the siding. This water then leads to walls and insulation which also causes mold growth. If you have this process professionally done, it could range anywhere from $300- $500.

In our hot state, you need your AC to work as efficiently as possible. It is important make sure that your AC compressor is free of any plant growth. Spring is a perfect time to get rid of all and anything surrounding this area.

Another important thing to do during this time is to check weather seals around windows and doors. Over time caulk can harden or crack so it is important to repair or replace them as needed. This will help keep the cost of your electric bill lower and can prevent water from leaking into your home as well.

While checking window areas you may also want to clean and repair screens. If you are trying to reduce your electric bill, this is a plus as well. By making sure these are functional, you can keep your windows open this season and use less air conditioning.

Always make sure that you keep up with your home maintenance and enjoy the wonderful season. Thank you for reading!



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05 Apr 2016

Spring Cleaning

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Your roof maintenance this spring season starts with cleaning! Here in florida, we do not experience harsh winters at all. However, our trees do drop a lot of their leaves during the season. This means that gutters could be clogged or extra piles of debris could be sitting on top of your roof. Here are some tips for a quick sprispringng clean up.


It is important to make sure that your gutters are free of large amounts of debris. As stated in our previous  blogs, gutters are important for protecting the structure your roof. They also prevent water from creating unsightly stains on the sides of your home. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to clean them. Make sure you scoop out all loose debris and then clear the gutters with a hose. This can be done by using a high pressure nozzle that can attach to the end of your hose. While cleaning your gutters, make sure to check for small cracks or leaks since things like this can affect their performance in sustaining your roof.


During this spring cleaning project it is also important to remove any leaves and excess debris. Florida is a very moist environment. If these materials aren’t removed, they can trap moisture and gradually decompose, allowing moisture to accumulate in your roof. This can even allow weeds to grow. Using something soft like a car-wash brush attached to a pole or a roof leaf rake will do the job. Both products are inexpensive and the job should be fairly easy.


Always make sure that you keep up with your roof maintenance to get the most out of your roof and enjoy your season!



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Working on your roof is best left to the professionals. However, you can still perform quick routine inspections to make sure that everything is running smoothly.Rain on roof  With the upcoming rainy season, it is important to keep an eye on different parts of your roof to make sure that you prevent leaking and troublesome damage during this time.

When performing a routine inspection, you should use a flashlight and examine your attic for any darkened water stains. Mold is also another sign of leakage. Patches of mold thrive in moisture, so this could be another vulnerable point in your roof.

When checking the outside of the roof, you should watch out for damaged or rotting sections of fascia board. The drip edge is another very important part of the roof to check. This is a common leaking source and is very important to keep intact. A drip edge is used to keep water away from the fascia board, and moved off of the roof. It is also used to keep out insects and other unwanted critters. As stated in our previous blog, we know that gutters serve a very important purpose to reroute water off of the roof so that it does not harm it in any way. Therefore, checking gutters for small holes or cracks is vital to preventing further damage to your roof.

Always make sure you inspect your roof thoroughly before any heavy rains to ensure the safety of your family and to maintain the vitality of your roof. If you have done a routine inspection and have found any of these signs, feel free to call ONEWAY ROOFING for any questions.



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11 Feb 2016

Gutter Replacement Tips

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You probably don’t think about your gutters too often. But don’t worry! We’re here to remind you that your gutters are a very important part of your roof. Broken Gutter Here in Florida we receive heavy amounts of rainfall which washes a lot of debris into your gutters. When they aren’t working properly, this can cause structural damage to your roof. Here are some typical signs that your gutters should be replaced.


If your gutters are sagging, pulling away from the house, or moving around, they most likely aren’t doing their job. This means that the gutter is full of heavy rain water and is not draining correctly. Another sign to look for is rust. This may take a ladder to get up on the roof and take a closer look at the issue. The rust will eventually cause holes and cracks. The water will spill out before it gets to the downspout. When replacing your gutters, you can find ones that don’t rust or crack to prevent this issue in the future. Additionally, when there is water running down the side of your home, it will leave water stains, peel the paint, and even grow mold. If you see any of these signs, your gutters are most likely not doing their jobs correctly. Even the smallest of cracks or splits in your gutters need immediate attention. Because of the strong force of running water, small cracks grow into larger ones that will allow water to flow down the sides of your home.



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