In Case You Live Under A Rock… Hurricane Is Coming

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In Case You Live Under A Rock... Hurricane Is Coming
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In Case You Live Under A Rock… Hurricane Is Coming

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Are you keeping track of Matthew? He is a CAT 4 hurricane that is currently approaching Cuba. While we all hope the storm will bypass us, it is important for us to make appropriate preparations at this time. Remember to secure any lose objects outside your home that could be carried off by heavy winds.

If you are planning to stay in South Florida over the next few days, then your roof is the physical object that is going to protect your family and your home during this storm. It is always wise to take care of it so that it can take care of you. This is why we are always stressing to our customers about the importance of roof maintenance.

If your roof is currently leaking, then now is the time to have a temporary repair done to prevent further damage. We are pausing all roof replacement jobs and major repairs until after the weather clears, but we are offering temporary repairs services right now.

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